Have you been Longing To love a Langostino Lobster?

Answer not really. but, i don't eat seafood. sorry, i'm sure someone else does.

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What is langostino lobster?

Some restaurants, such as Long John Silver's, advertise langostino lobster. While a langostino is a crustacean, it is not a lobster at all, but a creature that is more closely related to the hermit... Read More »

Why do black people LOVE Red Lobster?

Why do Red Lobster hate Black People?Racist Lobster

What is a langostino?

Langostino is a small crustacean that is sometimes confused with two other crustaceans, lobsterette and langoustine, according to to, the most important species ... Read More »

What is langostino?

Langostino is a term that refers to three types of crustaceans that have been described as looking similar to a squat lobster. Langostinos are different from crabs, shrimp or lobsters but may look ... Read More »