Have you any good gardening tips?

Answer When I moved into my new home 6 years ago, I got rid of all lawns and conventional "beds". I now have a fantastic garden, very low maintenance, it consists of decking, patios, and lots of bark lai... Read More »

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Gardening tips for a beginner?

You should check out this article I wrote - there's some good tip there.As for what veggies to grow, spinach, peas, carrots and tomatoes are good choices (tomatoes aren't technically veggies, but w... Read More »

What are some helpful tips for gardening?

A few gardening tipsIf you have yet to plan out your garden, enlist the help of a good book or two that will have good information on plants that will do well specific to your area. A good book for... Read More »

Winter Vegetable Gardening Tips?

Summer isn't the only season for a vegetable garden. Cool-season plants thrive in the cooler temperatures of late fall and early winter, allowing you to harvest fresh vegetables even after the snow... Read More »

Spring Vegetable Gardening Tips?

Spring vegetable gardening is easy when garden preparation is a year-round endeavor. By choosing the correct vegetables to grow and getting an early start, every spring gardener can harvest fresh, ... Read More »