Have you an opinion on the "Nook" vs. "Kindle" vs. "iPad" readers?

Answer The iPad is the most powerful, by far. Personally I prefer my nook for reading, but not the nook color. I prefer the eInk or whatever it's called screen, that resembles a book page. It puts less st... Read More »

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Kindle HD vs Ipad mini vs Nook hd?

There's a good review here, from a user who has also decided between the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire HD: think the iPad Mini is overpriced. It has poor scre... Read More »

Can you read Kindle books on readers other than the Kindle?

I have a Kindle and I love it. My understanding is that the Kindle library on Amazon is only accessible to Kindle users.

What is better the kindle or the Nook?

Here are the main reasons to buy it – you love to read, you like to read and can afford $189 for an eReader, you want to read more, you get tired reading from LCD screens, you want to read in sun... Read More »

Kindle, nook or e-reader?

Hello, Rachel, current e-Ink Nook is much better than current e-ink Kindle as Nook has the latest generation touch screen display, no page turn lag, it weights less, and its battery lasts twice as ... Read More »