Have you a 'link' to the best ccleaner to have please ... Thank you.?

Answer I always download it from Filehippo…However, if you prefer the "slim" version (no toolbar), get it here - much smaller download and it's just the samehttp:... Read More »

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Does anyone have a high-traffic blog or large site that can link to my tutoring website Thank you?

Hi have you heard of social monkee? its a Social Networking Link Building. this one help me increase my website visitor. they have a free account…

Have you a Balti recipe please ... Thank you.?

Chicken Balti with Spinach(Murgh Balti Saagwala)Serves 4 Preparation Time 10 mins Cooking Time 25 mins Ingredients450g chicken cut into 1" cubes 2 tbsp vegetable oil 2 tbsp single cream 100g onions... Read More »

Can someone tell me or post up a link on how to make your hair wavy like this please and thank you xoxo?

1. After washing your hair use a towel to soak up any excess water you want ur hair damp and wet.2. Then use a little bit of mousse and work it through your hair3. Next take a small section of your... Read More »

Ihave S2 and S3 IS I have had a computer problem and lost the canon software how do i obtain a replacement disc please advise thank you?

The sun is high, it's prettyThis feeling makes me very excitedThe sun is high, a pretty dayIt's like I'm in a beautiful dreamAnd I have never been there beforeIt's like all is simply very wellI ... Read More »