Have you Downloaded Internet 8 yet?

Answer DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT YET!! it is not ready yet, i did a few weeks ago and it messed up my computer and i had to reinstall windows, roadrunner told me they are not recommending it yet as it is not ful... Read More »

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The themes that i have downloaded for my mobile from the Internet don't have an application certificate?

Help, I downloaded a game from the internet and now everything on my screen is oversized and upside down.?

To turn the screen right side up you have press Ctrl + (something else but I'm not sure). Google it. To right size it you have right click on the main screen, click "properties", click the "settin... Read More »

I have an Hp printer, I downloaded the software, it says "No Hp devices have been detected" Its plugged in too?

I am having the same problem with mine except my pc is dell, but the brand of your pc does not matter, it is the OS that matters. Anyway what I wanted to post was, if you do not get an answer you ... Read More »

How do I uninstall Norton AntiVirus from Windows XP that was downloaded from the Internet?

Uninstall Norton AntiVirusClick "Start." Click "Control Panel." Double-click "Add or Remove Programs." Right-click "Norton AntiVirus." Click "Uninstall." Follow the onscreen uninstall wizard to rem... Read More »