Have two fake ids, lost one..Is it okay to use the other one still?

Answer They usually print out the photo to ensure that you don't go getting another fake I.D. Sometimes, they will even bar you from the place, preventing you from ever going there again.I recommend that ... Read More »

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Do you still tan if you have fake tan on?

Yes you can. A fake tan does nothing but dye the top layer of your skin. It does not offer you any sort of sun protection and you can tan or burn through it. That's why people get fake tans before ... Read More »

Q to those who have lost limbs, arms, hands... Do you still have it Do you keep it in a pickle jar or stuffed?

Nope my leg and all the pieces of it that were later removed all had a one way trip to the hospital's incinerator.I kept my first prosthetic though.

Is it okay if I still have my hand on my (thing) and after I ejactulated and then fell asleep?

Hey man whatever gets you through the night

I've lost my memory card and lost my photos, can i still retrieve them?

Sounds like they're gone - sorry. I know it is upsetting, this happened to me too. Keep your chin up.