Have trolls interfered with Wikipedia ?

Answer Indeed, trolls have interfered with Wikipedia from its beginning in January, 2001. First, there is Wikipedia's largely open and instant editing policy. This, plus the policy protecting anonymity,... Read More »

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Why can't Wikipedia apologists come up with better rebuttals than merely dismissing critics as "trolls"?

The problem is that almost every positive Wikipedia trait can be deflated with the most fleeting scrutiny.Take for example the infamous Nature study. Britannica disputed the findings, which was to ... Read More »

How does Wikipedia detect Trolls so quickly?

Since I've written a kind of lengthy response, here's a summary if you don't want to read it all:- Wikipedia has a recent changes page which displays all the changes- There are tools and programs t... Read More »

Help with Internet Trolls.?

99% of them are idiots not worth the effort. I usually just block them. They want you to respond and get angry. If you don't respond, they usually go elsewhere. There is a small minority that post ... Read More »

Whats with all the recent trolls?

I agree with the first poster.It has really gotten pathetic. Especially the "Amanda" espisode the other night - wow. I don't think there is anything we can really do. I am here for the same reasons... Read More »