Have to wait 60 days to transfer domain to hostgator!!?

Answer Do you want to transfer your domain name away from your current registrar to HostGator's or do you only want to transfer web hosting? They are two different things.If you want to actually switch re... Read More »

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The Amount of Days You Have to Wait to Donate Plasma?

Blood is composed of red and white blood cells, platelets and plasma. Plasma is the yellowish water portion of the blood. Many people regularly donate blood and plasma to help those in need, but pl... Read More »

I haven't had a shower for 3 weeks, should I have one today or wait a few days?

Just go out in the rain for 5 minutes and you will be okay for another fortnight.

Do you have to wait 7 days after starting a new pack of birth control before having sex?

It doesn't sound stupid, I'm taking the pill too and I know it can be very confusing. What you are supposed to do is start a new pack right after you finish the 7 placebo pills. If you had sex whil... Read More »

My son is 11 years old he have yellow eye the dr said jaundice he did blood work but have to wait so i dont know anything for three days i think thats to long to found should i be worried maybe er now?

Jaundice isn't that dangerous, and you can easily wait for the test results to come through(unless he turns bad in any other way). The only thing the ER would do right now is to take the same test,... Read More »