Have they removed facebook from internet:(?

Answer No ...

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How to Clean Fuel Injectors After They Have Been Removed From the Car?

Gasoline can leave deposits on your car's fuel injector nozzles once the car is shut off. These gasoline deposits can turn into hard varnish that will build up over time and clog your fuel injector... Read More »

If you attend a casualty and they have removed the sharp object from the puncture wound should you?

no, put pressure on a clean dry dressing and keep it up - bleeding will stop

I have my wisdom teeth, but they haven't grown out yet. Can I get them removed before they grow out?

Yes, they can remove them before they come out. Your dentist will have to make that decision. They look at X-rays and can see the wisdom teeth under your gums. They look to see if t hey are grow... Read More »

What should you do if you had one wisdom tooth removed and they tried to fix the other one by putting a filling on it instead of doing a root canal and you still have a lot of pain from it?

Answer You have me wondering why ANY dentist would putting a filling in a wisdom tooth instead of pulling it. If you still have a lot of pain from it and the tooth was filled it sounds like there w... Read More »