Have they removed facebook from internet:(?

Answer No ...

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How do you removed you're location from Facebook?

If he sees it on message click the triangle button and it will turn off location findIf you want it off your comment press the city's name before posting a comment it will delete the city's name iI... Read More »

How to removed timeline from FACEBOOK?

Facebook are moving everyone to Timeline and you cant remove Timeline once its enabled on your account.However, if you dont like the 2 column layout of timeline, you can view it in a single column ... Read More »

Can I get someone's Facebook photo removed without them knowing?

you can report it - he wont know you reported itbut there's no guarantee facebook will remove itdid you try just asking him to remove it? or maybe crop it? no one really likes candid pictures of th... Read More »

Facebook email add accidentaly removed?

If you are using a desktop you can see on top asking you to update your email and after that you have to confirm it. Check your email to confirm.