Have the graphic warnings on cigarette packs made you quit?

Answer No, it was the thought of dying of lung cancer, and not being able to breathe!Congratulations on quitting!

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Do you think cigarette packs should have visual warning labels?

Yeah, sure thing, and so should alcohol too. I've gotten skatfaced drunk and almost hurt myself a couple of times drinking, said stupid things, and even made my only girlfriend leave me, and hardly... Read More »

What year were warning labels put on cigarette packs?

Cigarette warning labels first appeared after passage of the U.S. Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act in 1965. The law made warning labels on cigarettes and cigarette advertisements compulsory i... Read More »

I smoked 4 packs of cigarette in 2 weeks! Do I have lung cancer Scared please read.?

Lol your definitely going to die better start writing your will.

Is statutory warning "Injurious to health" on cigarette packs or liquor bottles really effective?

It's not about deterrence, it is about federal agency protecting themselves from the lawsuits.