Have people forgotten how to spell?

Answer Unfortunately some people use deliberate misspellings of words like some people use regional dialects or accents. At the same time, (forgive me for this) but if you're talking about someone that's... Read More »

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I want a free download for antispyware i did have one but have forgotten it, any ideas?

here are the threeSpyware BegoneSpybot - Search & DestroyAd-Aware SE Personal

Have i forgotten anything?

How romantic you are, what a lucky girl, I hope she appreciates it.You know, I don't think it matters if you've forgotten something as I'm sure she will be so touched by your thoughtfulness, that s... Read More »

How to Unlock an iPod if You Have Forgotten the Combo?

The iPod screen lock feature is designed to give you a degree of privacy, protecting the files on your portable entertainment device by requiring a four-digit code to unlock the iPod screen. It's a... Read More »

Have the majority of car users forgotten how to indicate?

With you there. I used to have a motorbike, on a long straight wide road, I could see a car in the middle of the road, the car looked to be turning right but didn't have it's indicators on. As the... Read More »