How many autosomes does a normal human cell contain?

Answer A normal human cell has 22 pairs or 44 individual autosomes. An autosome can contain between 750 and 2,800 genes. The autosomes are chromosomes that do not determine the sex of the offspring.Refere... Read More »

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How many times a day should an unborn baby move each day?

Answer At least 10 times a day from about your 26th week.

How many bones are there in each ankle of the average human body?

The average human ankle contains a total of seven bones. The ankle bones are collectively called the tarsus bones. Along with the seven ankle bones, each human foot contains 14 toe bones and five f... Read More »

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How many nuclei does each cell have?

The number of nuclei present in a cell depends greatly upon the type of cell, any mutations that may be present and reproductive processes. Cells with only one nucleus are referred to as nucleated ... Read More »