Have i eaten too much ?

Answer Are you really that hungry?? No, I dont think that's too much, just a little over eating.I suppose tuna & chicken are good & healthy.1 question I have for you, after eating all these, why did you s... Read More »

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Have I eaten too much today?

Have I eaten too much or too little today?

You eat mostly carbs... you should really try to eat a more balanced diet... if you want to know how many calories you should eat per day, it's all based on your age and weight, to increase your a... Read More »

Have I eaten WAYYY too much today?

no, that is a normal healthy about unless if you are a newborn baby :)

Could I have eaten to much salt?

Well, definitely too much salt is not good for ya. You should be having 2500 mg of sodium a day which is equivalent to one teaspoon. If you continue this habit, you will definitely cause damage to ... Read More »