Have i done right or not?

Answer I think all you have to do is to control yourself, and not to be in fb all the time. so you dont have to close it. Maybe she acted like that because you did not inform her that you were about to le... Read More »

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Have I done right and is my son old enough to understand the punishment?

I think at 6 years old, your punishment was just right. If he'd been 16 I'd be a lot more worried!

Have I done the right thing by removing the block on those who in the past seemed to find it amusing ...?

It's entirely up to you Joan. If you feel that you're leaving yourself open to abuse or unwarranted nastiness, then it's probably best to leave people blocked (yes I know I was blocked from answer... Read More »

I got my eye glasses and idk if they was done right.?

Hi There as a professional I could tell you it could take up to a week to get used to you new glasses. On that note its up to your optician to have made the proper calculations so the transition fr... Read More »

How to Get Your Homework Done Right After School?

Gotta get moving!Have you ever told yourself that as soon as you got home you were going to do your homework, so afterwards you could do what you wanted for the rest of the day? You got home, saw t... Read More »