Have i bought wrong hdtv?

Answer There's probably nothing wrong with your TV, although you may need to tweek your settings. Visit a place like and do a search on your TV to find some suggested settings for your TV.On... Read More »

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I just bought an HDTV. Does that mean that I have to buy the HD upgrade with my satellite company ?

You don't have to, it is an optional feature that they offer and is very highly recommended especially for the LCD HDTV's.It will basically make your picture more crystal clear, and more vivid and ... Read More »

I bought an HDTV, my apartments won't let me drill holes, Now What?

Are you saying you get basic cable through the apt complex (meaning they pay for basic)?If that's the case ask the landlord if you can upgrade to HD cable and pay the difference. No holes will be d... Read More »

If you can not receive a HDTV signal should you buy an HDTV just to have a bigger screen?

Answer If you want a bigger screen, then buy one, but do be sure to buy a digital TV because analog is being phased out quickly. Also, go to to find out exactly what digital stat... Read More »

Is Insignia® - 37" 720p Flat-Panel LCD HDTV good I bought it and i want to know if i should return it?

You are right to consider returning it.When you buy these no-name brands you must take into consideration what you will have to do if you have a problem.1. Were can I take it to be fix... Most like... Read More »