You know how you have a pub crawl have you ever worked your way from one category to another until?

Answer omgwhat a great ideaWith each question you leave a link to the next.

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What's the oldest PC you have ever worked on?

Hard Drive? Turbo? You lucky b*****!. My first computer was a BBC A - 16K of memory. My first PC compatible was a Tandy twin-floppy laptop - 6.77 MHz, 640K. Load DOS from the 1st floppy, then load ... Read More »

Have you ever worked really hard at something, but it didn't pay off in the end How did you cope?

LOL!do you know how many times i've sat for the CPA exam? and the most parts of the 4 part test i've ever passed were 2!LOL!ok, i couldn't always laugh about it--i was pretty crushed after the fir... Read More »

I think I broke the chain saw It worked once (with some gray smoke) and then?

it shut down after two cuts into the stump (above ground).That tells me that it must of locked up and that means your mix was not strong enough with oil.I use 8 oz of 2 cyl mix to a gallon of gas. ... Read More »

Are chain letters real?

no, they're not. just something someone made up when they were bored. i hate it when people post a million of them on myspace. it pushes down the more important bulletins to where no one can see them.