Have cactus plants ever been poisonous?

Answer Yes, cactus plants are poisonous when they store their water and watery products and solutions in toxic form. The consequence is fatal for any predator that seeks to assuage a thirst in the bright,... Read More »

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Are Christmas Cactus poisonous for cats?

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Is Christmas cactus poisonous to cats?

A Christmas cactus is not poisonous towards cats. Cats can eat many types of plants and won't harm them. A Christmas cactus is a safe plant to have in homes.

What are different kinds of cactus plants?

There are many different kinds of cactus plants.For example, one stereotypical image of a cactus is of a plant that grows at ground level. In fact, some cactus plants grow high up in trees. Such ca... Read More »

Does cactus plants contain protein?