Have been in Detroit looking for a place to eat and thought....?

Answer wow, what a nice place, no kids, no violations, we need to fine a place to eat!

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What have you been surprised to find looking in Google Earth?

I was a bit surprised to see that even after almost a year, Google still have my previous car outside my

How to Find What Your Teens Have Been Looking at on the Internet?

The Internet can be a dangerous place for unsuspecting children and teens. Tracking Internet usage in your home is one way to ensure your children are using the Web in a safe and responsible manner... Read More »

Where is the oddist place u have been biten?

This is a true story.Out on a date once, I had a chewing gum and my date did not.We decided to share it and pass half of it over in a kiss.Romantic ?Passionate ?Well, when I passed it over to him, ... Read More »

How do u delete what i have been looking up on the addresss history please help?

go to tools, internet options and delete history