Have been in Detroit looking for a place to eat and thought....?

Answer wow, what a nice place, no kids, no violations, we need to fine a place to eat!

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What is the best pizza place in Detroit?

pizza popolis there is one in Greektown that is awesome. THere are a few others through out oakland and wayne county.

What is a good place to eat dinner in Detroit, MI?

There are hundreds of places. Detroit happens to be a very good restaurant town. Undiscovered by many gastronomes.What kind of food do you like???? Do you want Detroit city proper - or the Detroit... Read More »

Does anyone know good place to eat or buy whole pecan pie in detroit mi?

If you touched a surface in a public place and it was wet, what would be your first thought?

I would think "disgusting" and I would immediately wash my hands. I would hate to actually try to discover what the source of the nastyness was.