Have astra 610p scanner but no disc to install it how can I download one to my com. to install?

Answer's free to register and they always have a driver formost operating systems.

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How can I get a download of my Lexmark X6170 install disc?

Go to:…choose your printer download the file open the file . It will install

I lost my linksys software disc and now i cant install it is there any way i can install it without buying it?

The question is how do you get on the net to download the driver if you don't have access to the web. I suggest getting on another computer with web access ... friend, work etc.If you go to the lin... Read More »

I'm using VMware to install virtual XP on my Windows 7. Can I install the XP OS from my old PC without a disc?

vm player is ok, but i would recommend oracle vm virtualbox. It allows you to snapshot you vm, which vmware doesnt. definately use oracle.. way can NOT install an os on vm player. vm pla... Read More »

I do not have the CD to install Espon Photo 820 printer. Can I download the software to install the program?

You should be able to get the driver from the Epson website.