Have anyone woke up feeling paralyzed as if someone was holding you down?

Answer When you dream your body sends signals (or a hormone) that prevents your body from acting out dreams. You probably woke up pretty abruptly and did not have time for your body to acclimate to being... Read More »

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Woke up feeling sick!!?

These tablets will help for a while but if you don't know the reason why you're vomiting it's hard to find it out.If you don't want to see an doctor it's even more difficult to get it. So maybe try... Read More »

Woke up feeling awful. Pain in stomach while peeing, dizzyness and more?

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I am 11 day's late and 2 day's ago I started spotting I have woke up every day feeling nauses and having headaches and have been eating like crazy I don't know if I am just late or pregnant?

Could beOk, first of all, it could just be nerves or stress because most people don't eat a lot when they first get pregnant. If you you haven't started by the 14th, then , I would recommend going ... Read More »

Just wondering is it normal if i been light headed since I slept and woke up and still feeling light headed?

It's not exactly normal, but you may be able to fix it by eating something to hold you over until your first meal and then get some fresh air and see if you feel any better.Skyler DiPasquale.