Have anyone been having problems with watching videos on YouTube recently?

Answer Check with your internet provider and they can investigate the problem.

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Having problems watching videos from God vine, but no problem with others,any suggestions frustrated?

What Media Player are you trying to watch these videos on? Windows Media Player (which version?)Download & install this Media player, it will play anything you throw at it.VLC Media Read More »

Anyone else having problems with Clear internet recently?

Nope it's just you. Try resetting your computer and internet.

Anyone having problems with youtube?

Yep, can't even get the site to load. It's really annoying. Looks like the servers are down AGAIN. >.>

YouTube!! IS anyone else having problems opening YouTube?

probably the server went down for a bit because it was overloaded. no cause for alarm. it happens a lot. if you are THAT dependent on it, now thats a problem.