Have any tips on quickly killing a nasty head cold?

Answer Lots of rest.Also this stuff:… just so you know,the weather here has been miserable.It's been overcast, cold and rain... Read More »

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Got any tips for curing a cold quickly?

Get a Vitamin C supplement and take that. I take two 500 miligram tablets with a bowl of soup (with lots of vegetables in it) and I orange juice. Stay hydrated and rest as much as possible. Drink l... Read More »

How to Get over a Nasty Cold?

To fight a nasty cold, eat and drink lots of hot things, stay warm, and have lots of tissues to blow your nose with. When it's cold, raining, or snowing, don't go outside without a warm jacket and ... Read More »

If brittney spears shaved her head, how does she magically have hair so quickly?

My head is KILLING me!?

Doubtful about the cigarettes. Here's a cheap remedy. Go get you some caffeine - coke, diet coke, whatever your preference. Drink a couple of those. Continue with your ibuprofen. (I prefer Ale... Read More »