Have any of the skeptics actually tried homoepathy?

Answer A little point about some of the traits of pseudoskeptism....that those that are trying to come across as just skeptics are displaying very well here. ---- forming absolute conclusions, making jud... Read More »

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How can skeptics have a dialogue with homeopaths?

Natural Healing Through The Ages:While natural therapies been described as the wave of the future, they're actually much older than Western treatments such as surgeries and antibiotics. Experts est... Read More »

How to Explain to Skeptics Why the Church Needs Property?

The beauty of a church adds to our social fabric.Sometimes your church community may be faced with questioning about why the church needs to own property of one sort of another. It is not always cl... Read More »

Are skeptics in this forum just doing as they are told by the "BIG PHARMA"?

Except that's not true. Skybirds' rant is based on her own ignorance and misunderstanding. She basically has no argument. This isn't the first time she's trotted out this speech and it elicits face... Read More »

A chance for skeptics to answer this question?

Thanks to evidence based medicine including drugs, many wonderful people are still with us today. And that is reason enough for me to just say no.EDIT:Don't know much about sport, but in Denmark we... Read More »