Have any funny period stories?

Answer when my husband and i first started dating he took me up to his home town to meet his family and his best friend. i was sitting on my husbands lap in a skirt and he whispered in my ear "hun i think... Read More »

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Any funny or embarrassing period stories?

LMAO that's really funny haha ok I have a couple actually... So the first time I got mine I was at school and I was wearing cream pants but luckily it was around the time when long shirts were in s... Read More »

Anyone have an funny TTC stories?

Hey Hun!Yeah I really could do with some cheering up at the moment!My funniest TTC moment with my husband so far was early on when he asked me to explain ovulation etc! He is queasy at the best of... Read More »

Anyone have any funny "labor stories" I do...?

My son was two weeks late...exactly. The doctor was going to induce my labor on Monday morning, but Joshua had other ideas...I went into labor Sunday night. I then stayed in labor for twenty five a... Read More »

Ideas for Funny Stories?

Funny stories play an important role in social interaction. A humorous story can break the tension in an awkward conversation. Public speakers frequently begin their speeches with a funny story to... Read More »