Have already learned HTML and Javascript but now i want to learn a programming language?

Answer Though JavaScript is a programming language that Web browsers understand, it was originally developed by Netscape under the name LiveScript. JavaScript is a relatively simple programming language ... Read More »

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C or C++ programming language Which one should i learn first ?

C and C++ should go hand in hand. Coz the initial steps i.e. using the cout/cin is much easier than using printf/scanf. Moreover pretty much every thing is the same in C++ as it is in C but do lear... Read More »

What programming language should I learn?

Programming is a great talent to learn as you can put your computer skills to life and build real life applications, let me tell you what each language does:Java is a good place to start, but I do ... Read More »

How to Learn a Programming Language?

Whether you want to design a video game, app , or just want to do it for fun, programming is your friend. Here's how to learn a programming language.

What is the most interesting Programming Language to learn right now?