Have a stomach ache after eating cinnamon?

Answer Take gas x or wait it out (:

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What causes a stomach ache after eating watermelon?

It is a watermelon growing in your tummy. -- Ok, who the hell wrote before me? Cuz you are an idiot. (No offense). If your not gonna actually answer the question, don't waste our time. But to answe... Read More »

Why after eating do you have pains in your stomach?

Ordinarily, your stomach shouldn't hurt after eating. Even if you eat too much, you should feel full, perhaps uncomfortably full, but not in pain. If a particular food hurts your stomach, you likel... Read More »

Stomach ache after recent overdose?

Is it normal to get a stomach ache after taking a laxative?

It's probably that the laxative will be kicking in soon. You could take some laxatives over the counter that are more gentle on the stomach. You may feel better after you have had a bowel movemen... Read More »