Have a problem with 2 monitors?

Answer Go into Control Panel, and then under Appearance and Personalization there will be a thing saying "Adjust screen resolution". Once you've clicked that, click Detect and your laptop will detect anot... Read More »

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I have a mpc2000 enterface and studio monitors and computer how do i get mpc to connect with mpc and monitors?

Make sure that you connect 'em with the proper wires! No need to disc installation.Good luck!

Resolution problem with Dual monitors?

Some older graphics cards have a maximum resolution.…You give just the generic type of video chipset, not the brand or model of card, so I cannot guess i... Read More »

Is ghosting more often a problem with LCD monitors than for LCD hdtv's?

That all depends on the specific display, but the short answer is the HDTV is more likely to suffer ghosting problems.The larger an LCD is the more the Black to white response time will be, (not gr... Read More »

If you have loud noises in your pipes when the dishwasher is run and then you find the dishwasher didn't empty the soap or run water do you have a plumbing problem or a problem with the dishwasher?

Answer The problem is the solinoid valve in the dishwasherPay your water bill