Have You Made The Switch From XP To Vista?

Answer Yes. And back to XP.

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I have been told to stay away from vista, so from what you know, which is better, vista or xp?

Don't be scared of Vista or the scaremongering put out about Vista - they said the same thing about going from Win 98 to XP.Vista is fine - although I would say - don't upgrade over XP - do a clean... Read More »

I have recently made the decision to become a vegetarian, should I switch my kids too?

Its funny how many of the answers say "its too young, let them decide when they are older".....either way you are deciding, if you leave them on a meaty diet you are deciding so those people need t... Read More »

How long do you have to wait to switch from reserve to active duty after you have a baby?

Should i switch to vista ?

OMG no no no.Vista is bad,vista is evil - trust me lol but it is!! i had so many problems with it- compatibility on downloading games etc,blue screen of death 15 times a day.I've just spent ( well ... Read More »