Have You Ever Written Or Edited An Article On Wikipedia?

Answer I have written articles but it's tough work referencing everything all the time as they discourage 'original research'.I do use Wikipedia as a source from time to time but you have to take it with ... Read More »

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Survey: Have you ever edited an article or created an article in Wikipedia?

Have you ever edited or wrote an article on wikipedia?

Yeah, I edited the Paris Hilton page after some ignorant person vandalised it. Sure, she's a pain in the *** 4 some ppl, but don;t deface Wikipedia articles ppl!!!

Is there a way to find out who has written or edited a Wikipedia entry?

You can find out the pseudonyms (or altenatively the IP address) of those who edit or create Wikipedia pages. To do this click on the Tab that says:View historyat the top of the page. When you do t... Read More »

How to upload a photo with a already written article in wikipedia?

I assume you have an account and that it is at least 4 days old and you have made at least 10 edits. If not, register an account and make a few edits. Only users with established accounts can uploa... Read More »