Have YOU seen this before now What is your opinion?

Answer Scary isn;t it! I will star this so others can see it and pass it along. You have to be careful online!

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What bee is this It isn't like anything I have seen before. It doesn't seem happy to have met me.?

Sounds like a honey bee leave it alone and it won't hurt you

Haha Have you seen this before?

lolThat's cool.Ya know all I kept focusing on though was the lovely cream carpet :-)Wish I could have carpet like that.My dog and kids would wreck it in a day for sure.

Have you ever seen this before Spraying Latex on Loaded coal trains?

Here in the USA, it would be the job of the COAL supplier rather than the Railroad itself.My lil Brother is the Plant Supervisor at a Coal-Fueled power-plant here in California... they get their co... Read More »

What is this rashhas anyone seen something like this before?

I cannot see much from the photo, but1. If this part was shaved recently, I would suspect ingrown hair2. You may sweat a lof and get some rash.3. It might be something else - in that case, see a do... Read More »