Have Ubuntu installed but how to go back to windows?

Answer You need to reformat the drive to NTFS before installing XP, Windows had problems installing to an ext4 formatted drive. A Linux Live CD with Gparted can take care of this easily.***Take a look at ... Read More »

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I have installed windows 7 in c drive after that i installed windows xp2 in e drive. now i able to open xp2 to?

pls keep windows 7 cd-disk while you are turning on the computer and click on start up repair option after a few basic steps/clicks(u have said that u have installed , i hope you have knowledge abo... Read More »

What do i do after I have installed Ubuntu 12.05.1 LTS?

UH OH..... not looking gooddam - ok at the $ i want you to typestartxthat's S T A R T Xall lowercase and NO spaces if it doesn't work then you have a problemBUT -- i want you to check --- did you g... Read More »

I have installed Windows XP in my C:\ drive. Mistakenly I installed another copy of XP in D:\ drive.?

If you want to keep that image of XP there you you can modify the boot.ini file and remove the second install on XP to stop your machine from trying to boot from D: if you installed applications yo... Read More »

You had direct tv installed about 6 months ago have not been able to play back any VCR recordings since only see fuzzy screen when playing back What is wrong?

Answer It really depends on you connections and whether or not they're correctly installed. Without seeing your set-up, I can't be of much assistance. Find someone who you trust and has some knowl... Read More »