Have Ubuntu installed but how to go back to windows?

Answer You need to reformat the drive to NTFS before installing XP, Windows had problems installing to an ext4 formatted drive. A Linux Live CD with Gparted can take care of this easily.***Take a look at ... Read More »

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What do i do after I have installed Ubuntu 12.05.1 LTS?

UH OH..... not looking gooddam - ok at the $ i want you to typestartxthat's S T A R T Xall lowercase and NO spaces if it doesn't work then you have a problemBUT -- i want you to check --- did you g... Read More »

Can Ubuntu be installed on a virtual PC?

You can install Ubuntu on a virtual PC using Microsoft Virtual PC. However, Virtual PC is a Microsoft product and only officially supports virtualization of Windows operating systems. As a result, ... Read More »

Where can I buy a desktop with Ubuntu pre-installed?

Dell sells laptops and desktops with Ubuntu pre-installed. There aren't much places to buy a computer with Ubuntu pre-installed. It would be cheaper to get a computer with no OS installed and you c... Read More »

So I installed Linux Ubuntu....?

Beryl has now been replaced with Compiz Fusion is how to enable Compiz Fusion once Ubuntu 8.04.1/8.10 is installed and added any available updates via the Update ... Read More »