Have McDonnald's get a resturant?

Answer Would it surprise anyone?..

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What happens if you eat in a resturant and discover that you do not have any money?

Credit card , or phone a brother or a very near friend and ask for help.

Where is a great resturant to have a 50th birthday celebration with friends,in bay area?

50 is a special milestone - congrats! I just celebrated my 50th too.You deserve to treat yourself for surviving half a century and marking the beginning of the second half of your life! And that ... Read More »

Would you agree that a snake is more ethical than a human that eats McDonnalds due to the fact that snakes eat?

Why snakes? A natural ancient reptile that is coded soley for survival vs abominations of nature eating at one of the most wasteful destructive corporations....

How much do you tip in a resturant?

If it is a lunch or dinner meal, I normally tip at least 20% on the total bill (including tax). If it's breakfast or an inexpensive meal, I will normally tip at least $5. I just can't see leaving... Read More »