I live in Philadelphia Pa I am getting married My future husband would like to adopt my youngest daughter how do we go about doing that Would the father have to sign over his rights?

Answer Yes, this is possible if the child hasn't been adopted. or the mother could destroy everything the child has known and regain custody after they are adopted. This would be a very wrong act and it i... Read More »

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Important Qualities in a Future Husband?

If you've been exclusive with your boyfriend for a while, it's natural to start thinking about spending your futures together. Perhaps he's mentioned a thing or two about "what if" you got married;... Read More »

How do I go about having my future husband adopt my son who has an unknown biological father?

You need an attorney. They will have to post through the courts for anyone who might be the father.

Husband has a two year old son with his ex-girlfriend husband wants some kind of custody agreement in writing Does everyone have to go to court or can a schedule be made and have it notarized?

A voluntary Parenting Agreement between the two is a very good idea. There is no need to go to court and if you can avoid court then please do. A parenting agreement can enforced by a simple hands... Read More »

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