Have I just picked up a stinking virus What should I do?

Answer Howdy Nikon...looks like you're bringing R&S out into the wild;)My first question would be this: Is it literally just shutting down? As in, no log off, no shutdown just looks as though ... Read More »

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I just got me a new laptop. What anti-virus software should I use?

Uninstall whatever it came with, it's most likely just a 90-day trial anyway. Provided this is for home/personal use and is not going to be used for business purposes then there are any number of ... Read More »

Should Nicki Minaj have been picked to judge American Idol?

Absolutely NOT. She was the worst choice American Idol could ever have made.

I have norton anti-virus and my computer is slow on boot up should I remove it and what should I replace with?

Norton is a very good antivirus BUT it does use a lot of resources. I personally use AVG free. It works great and it's free. AVG scans and updates every morning offering better protection than N... Read More »

Help please...The other computer has picked up a virus......?

Well to begin with, if your using a computer on the internet without a Good virus protection program or using those free Junk ones, you got what you deserve! To be honest!But if you have a good ant... Read More »