Have I just picked up a stinking virus What should I do?

Answer Howdy Nikon...looks like you're bringing R&S out into the wild;)My first question would be this: Is it literally just shutting down? As in, no log off, no shutdown just looks as though ... Read More »

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Help please...The other computer has picked up a virus......?

Well to begin with, if your using a computer on the internet without a Good virus protection program or using those free Junk ones, you got what you deserve! To be honest!But if you have a good ant... Read More »

Why is zlob/smitfraud not picked up by norton and other commercialised anti-virus and anti-spyware products?

ugh, zlobi remember that name day my sister was surfing myspace when she encountered a zlob trojanzlob hijacked her browser, changing the hompage to 'syssecuritysite(dot)com'http://w... Read More »

How to Keep Laundry From Stinking?

Foul-smelling laundry can be unpleasant to deal with and can make the space around it just as unpleasant. Attempting to mask offensive laundry smells after they are created can make the situation e... Read More »

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