Have American electronic products lost their reputation?

Answer So called American electronics are inferior, most definitely. These companies that either exclusively manufacture for the US or those that were started in the US but no longer have anything to do w... Read More »

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What Electronic Cigarette Has the Best Reputation?

Accounting information systems are used by all types of businesses and contain several different components. These systems are designed for businesses to record all financial information of the bus... Read More »

What are some electronic products that have failed?

The BetaMax video fomat. HD-DVD format but they were more of industry failures. That hand crank flashlight comes to mind.

Are there any estimates of how much revenue would be raised if American churches lost their tax exempt status?

It's kinda like taxing marijuana.Nobody really knows.RScott

Do parents have rights to their children's medical records after they have lost custody?

Generally, the person who has legal custody or legal guardianship of the child has right to the child's medical records. A parent who does not have legal custody is not entitled to the child's medi... Read More »