Hatz 2G40 Specs?

Answer The Hatz 2G40 is a diesel engine used to make motorcycles, among other things. It is a long-lasting and low-weight because of its alloy design. It is available as a rope or electric start and is ea... Read More »

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RAM Air IV Cam Specs?

Pontiac's Ram Air IV engine was the fourth evolution of an engine that had helped to create the muscle car as we know it. Premiering in the 1967 Pontiac GTO/Firebird, the 400 cubic-inch RA-I produc... Read More »

BMW Z4 Specs?

BMW began selling the Z4 in the 2003 model-year. This vehicle was the replacement for the long running, BMW Z3. There were some common complaints about the Z3, interior space being the most common,... Read More »

Specs for an MGB?

The MGB British sports car was built in the United Kingdom from 1962 until 1980 as a replacement for the MGA. According to Classic Wheels, the MGB Roadster was one of the United Kingdom's highest s... Read More »

What do you think of these PC specs?

-Why would you buy a 2nd generation core i5 instead of the 3rd gen?-Why would you get an H67 motherboard which is NOT capable of overclocking K model cpus? the ONLY reason to get a K model cpu is t... Read More »