Hasn't anyone ever heard of google!?

Answer isnt that a website?

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Anyone ever heard of Google?

There are IQ-dropping chemicals in the water supply. That's the only think I can think of that would cause the kind of idiocy on this site that you quite correctly point out.

Has anyone heard of Google?

OR.. you guys could just grow up and ignore the questions you dont wana answer. yahoo has provided a service to ask questions, thats what we'er gonna do. if your the ones that are gonna go on googl... Read More »

Web: Has anyone heard of Google+?

I hang out around the Facebook section so the answer is yes. Probably not, Facebook has world domination :P

Any1 ever heard of google earth?

its awesome.…oh wait........didnt read the Q properly......nvm!i gueeessss ill just be taking the 2 points!