Has your email been compromised?

Answer "About 50 companies were affected by a major security breach at e-mail service provider Epsilon Interactive that caused many U.S. corporations to warn their customers of online attacks Monday."Deta... Read More »

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Many gmail accounts have been hacked says Google. Do you think gmail’s security has been compromised?

Google should implement best possible security for Gmail accounts. Google's all product whether Adwords (95% revenue generator for Google), Adsense, YouTube, and others, also latest Google Wallet s... Read More »

How can I tell if my iPhone 4 has been hacked, compromised or jailbroken by someone trying to steal my info?

The iPhone is unlike cell phones that preceded it because it has an operating system similar to that of a computer. This means that an iPhone could be compromised and "hacked" by an enterprising an... Read More »

Your stepdaugher has been with you for three years and her real dad has never been incontact what is your right to adopt your stepdaughter?

Why was the great compromised?