Has been banned in India?

Answer No I don't think so,,!!i can access easily, may be you have installed any addons or extension which are not allowing you to access that page :)I suggest you to RESET the browser!!or d... Read More »

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Is it possible to use a Dryer that has been bought in USA in India. India has a input power supply of 230v 50Hz. Dryer - MaytagPerforma Model PDET910AYW 3 WIRE 60Hz 120-240V 26A 5750 W?

It is important that you should read see the answer to the Related Question shown below: "Can you plug a US 240v 60Hz appliance into a European 230v 50Hz outlet?". No, sorry. Most US dryers have... Read More »

Has barney been banned?

Why hasnt myspace been banned?

The person who posted this said it best."because we live in a free society! This is the usa.. a free market.. i know alot of people don't like it and we are going in the wrong direction, but you ha... Read More »

Why has Google been banned in Japan?

Google Street View must be one of the most unpopular Web applications of all time. “No,” I hear you cry, “some of us love it.” That may well be the case, but privacy campaigners have fought... Read More »