Has wikipedia been down for everyone today?

Answer don;t use internet explorer. is ok from here.

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Why is everyone so down on Wikipedia?

Yep! Can't use it for homework. It is not a legitimate source of info for assignments or research. I look at it anyway if there is something I want to know about.

How has everyone been doing without wikipedia?

I hate control. Next thing government just going taxes 100% make us all slave.

Has wikipedia been closed down?

The correct url is http://wikipedia.orgThe url you went to is , which does have "Wiki does not exist" at the top of the page.I can't believe none of the 8 answers before ... Read More »

Will everyone please stop asking about the Yahoo! Mail and Messenger being down today!?

I asked the same thing about 10 minutes ago. No one can seem to search for the question before asking it. In my question, a girl said she was about to ask the same question before seeing my post.... Read More »