Has this happened to you cause of YOUTUBE?

Answer It's never really happened to me but I 100% believe whatever you saw, felt, or heard really happened and wasn't your or your husband's imagination.I've also heard of a lot of people visiting haunte... Read More »

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This was mentioned a few weeks ago.It appears that some YT employee wrote a small programand popped it into the system so it would pop up at random.Looks like they still haven't found the employee ... Read More »

What happened to Youtube?

It works for memaybe ur computer or internet isnt working properly or something

Whatever happened to the audio preview on YouTube?

It seems to have disappeared off of the site.There were many bugs reported with it.I guess YouTube decided to take it away.

What happened to the hidden comments on youtube?

Unfortunately you can no longer view comments with low ratings, i agree with you that comments should not be removed just because some members of the youtube community do not agree with them.Hopefu... Read More »