Has this ever happened to wikipedia?

Answer D: I was trying to search something completely useless and random D: why SOPA and PIPA?!?!? WHY? :'(

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Has this ever happened you?

People are under the gross misconception that people bring diabetes onto themselves. That, combined with how often diabetes is diagnosed these days, has lessened people's attention to it. I'm sor... Read More »

Has this ever happened to you?

Like you are falling or something and you kinda jump/jerk up?I'm not sure if that is what you are talking about.. but.. I've had that happen before. I'll like dream like I'm falling.. but I think t... Read More »

Have this ever happened to you?

This happens to my Wife almost every night. It only happens to me about once a month.When I was a teenager I was just falling asleep and I suddenly had one of these spasms. My bed was up against a ... Read More »

MJ Fans: Has this ever happened to you?

Wow, what b!tches.It hasent happened to me, but i can imagine i'd want to punch those girls faces in.I hate this generation, it sucks real bad, i mean all you have to do is watch the news to find h... Read More »