Do you know that there has never been one recorded proven case of someone dying of cancer caused by smoking?

Answer Well 'proof' is quite difficult to come by. How would you prove that one single factor in on person's lifestyle was the difinitive cause of anything? There are usually many factors, and smoking may... Read More »

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What is a more commom name for combustion?

What does catalytic combustion mean?

Catalytic combustion is a method of handling exhaust in wood stoves. The exhaust moves through a ceramic honeycomb in the wood stove. The gases within the smoke burn in the honeycomb.References:Woo... Read More »

How to Be More Spontaneous?

Do you want to start acting on impulse more? Do you want to live your life on the spur of the moment? Do you want to throw people off from your over-planned, predictable life? Learn wikiHow to be m... Read More »

How to Perform a Combustion Test?

A blown head gasket, warped head, cracked block or cylinder head can contaminate the coolant with combustion gases in your vehicle. These gases can turn your coolant into a very corrosive acid and ... Read More »