Do you know that there has never been one recorded proven case of someone dying of cancer caused by smoking?

Answer Well 'proof' is quite difficult to come by. How would you prove that one single factor in on person's lifestyle was the difinitive cause of anything? There are usually many factors, and smoking may... Read More »

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Doctors, is there any alternative medicine out there proven to be effective in treating ...?

The BEST are Bilberry, Omega 3, and B150 (take this 2x/day) ! In tandem with eating flax seeds, onions, blueberries,eggs, lots of Kale, and 1 glass of Red wine/day (yes, Red Wine has been proven in... Read More »

What at Home Jobs Have Been Proven to Work?

Finding a satisfying career is part of the American dream, and many people have successfully created careers from the comforts of their own homes. A business that is run from your own house may no... Read More »

Has pregnancy tea really been proven effective at inducing labor at home?

Answer Pregnancy tea is for toning the uterus through specific nutrition. It will not bring on labor. It will only help the uterus work more effectively once labor has started. FL midwife.

Have the seasonal flu and the swine flu shots been proven to reduce infections?

Yes, to reduce the number of infections in a community where the flu is spreading, the best way is with immunity obtained from a vaccination. The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has approved f... Read More »