Has the post office been hurt by the internet?

Answer I am sure that is a given!

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What happens at the post office?

The post office handles a number of things. Mail is delivered and received and sorted put into post office boxes. It's prepared for shipping in a variety of ways.StampsConsumers purchase postage st... Read More »

Where was the first post office?

The first known post office in the United States was located in New York City, at the corner of William Street and Exchange Place. The post office opened Jan. 1, 1837. The citizens of New York thou... Read More »

What ID is needed for the post office?

The U.S. post office requires a current photo ID and non-photo identification that can be traced back to you. Acceptable forms of photo identification include driver's license, state ID card, passp... Read More »

Post Office Box Information?

Many individuals and businesses opt for a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) post office box instead of having mail delivered to their physical address. Home businesses can maintain the privacy of their ho... Read More »