Has the post office been hurt by the internet?

Answer I am sure that is a given!

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How to Show a Guy Who's Been Hurt That You Want to Be With Him and You Won't Hurt Him?

If you want to show a guy that's been hurt you want to be with them and they have been hurt and thinks that you are going to hurt them, all you have to do is tell them how you feel.

Is your tooth/gum/jawbone suppose to hurt after a root canal has been done and before a crown has been placed?

Your tooth can hurt for 3-4 days after the root canal treatment. For this you can take pain killer prescribed by the dentist. If it hurts even after a week then you should consult your dentist and ... Read More »

Who owns the U.S. post office?

Although the United States Postal Service is run like a corporation, it is actually an agency of the United States Government. The nine members of the Postal Services Board of Governors are appoint... Read More »

Is the Post Office a federal job?

As an agency of the United States government, U.S. Postal Service workers are federal employees. However, many retail shipping service locations that use the services of private companies such as F... Read More »