Has the internet been a good thing for you overall and why?

Answer I would say yes because, it helps me pass the time when I got nothing to do and helps me communicate to other people. BUt it also makes me less productive in terms of studying for school. When I ha... Read More »

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Is the internet a good or a bad thing?

(isn't that question nicked straight from a series of adverts?!)Anyway, in my opinion its a good thing. The internet is the best thing to have happened to man since the birth of the electrical age... Read More »

I am getting a pop up reading Internet Explorer Add-on Installer. Is this a good thing or bad.?

Do you have any virus protection software? If you do then run a scan, but if not download something like malwarebytes, it is completely free and will scan your system for any bad items. Just a head... Read More »

Is organ donation a good thing or bad thing?

On One Hand: Organ Donation Saves LivesApproximately 100,000 people are awaiting organ donation, but on average only 77 transplants are performed a day. Thousands of individuals die waiting for an ... Read More »

Are identification cards a bad thing or a good thing?

On One Hand: Totalitarian RegimesThere are several problems commonly associated with a National ID card. It would require a massive database of all Americans. Databases of this size are hard to adm... Read More »