Has the internet been a good thing for you overall and why?

Answer I would say yes because, it helps me pass the time when I got nothing to do and helps me communicate to other people. BUt it also makes me less productive in terms of studying for school. When I ha... Read More »

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Is the internet a good or a bad thing?

(isn't that question nicked straight from a series of adverts?!)Anyway, in my opinion its a good thing. The internet is the best thing to have happened to man since the birth of the electrical age... Read More »

I am getting a pop up reading Internet Explorer Add-on Installer. Is this a good thing or bad.?

Do you have any virus protection software? If you do then run a scan, but if not download something like malwarebytes, it is completely free and will scan your system for any bad items. Just a head... Read More »

How to Get Good Grades and Overall Enjoy School?

Having trouble getting and maintaining good grades is a problem amongst many students, especially around the Middle School mark. Changes and stress can have a major effect on grades. Whether it's b... Read More »

My speakers are not playing any lyrics. They are just mumbles and the sound overall is not good?

Perhaps they just don't know the words. No. Seriously. Speakers can't do that. They are just reproducing what they are being fed. If they are blown, you blew them and you would probably have notice... Read More »