Has the U.S. Haggis ban been lifted?

Answer The ban has not been lifted and the US has put no timeline on the rumored review. Apparently the US allows NO import of foods containing lungs of animals, so it is unlikely the ban will ever be li... Read More »

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Is a towing company liable for damage to an automobile that is too low and modified to be lifted if they lifted it anyway?

AnswerIf you can demonstrate that the tow company used the wrong tow equipment or attached in incorrectly, then the two company is liable for any damages your vehicle received. Take pictures, find ... Read More »

Why do people eat haggis?

Because it's tasty,nutritious, easy to prepare, relatively inexpensive and a traditional Scottish food enjoyed by many people both Scots and non Scots.

Haggis, only 1 leg.?

How to Make Haggis?

Of all traditional Celtic foods, there is one that stands out above all the rest. Nothing could ever compare to foul odor, inedible texture, and delicious taste of a good haggis. So, ready to get y... Read More »