Has someone ever taken over the Internet?

Answer Just you wait and see... *evil laugh*

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Is it easy to hack someone over the internet?

An IP address and a few cents or pennies will get them a VERY small bag of sweeties. These idiot children think it is clever to threaten people. They do not seem to realise it is illegal and could ... Read More »

Has any one ever got together with some one they meet over the internet ?

What types of information would you tell your child not to share with someone they met only over the internet?

I would not allow my children to met anyone they did not previously know over the internet, it's actually a rule in my house. My 15 year old for example is not allowed to chat or communicate person... Read More »

Do you think that it is safe to meet someone in person that you met over the internet?

Well, it is a difficult one. but I think I can answer it pretty well. I met my wife on the Internet. We meet through and we talked everyday for about 3 months then we decided to meet. ... Read More »