My girlfriend said she wasn't going to do my laundry anymore so I cheated on her for revenge?

Answer you cheated by taking the clothes to the dry cleaner - what a dawg!please tell us you didn't take the clothes to your mom's

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How to Get a Girl if Her Ex Cheated on Her?

It is hard for girls to move on from past relationships, especially if they were cheated on. A girl like this will need special care and attention.

How to Let Friends Know They're Being Cheated On?

Telling your friend they're being cheated on must be one of the hardest experiences of life. Follow these easy steps, and the horrible news will become a bit better.

If your bf cheated on you would you go back out with him?

I'm guessing all you wanted was an answer from the female side when you say b/f. But I just had to put my two cents in on this question.There is an old saying that goes like this--once a cheat alwa... Read More »

What to do if u cheated on diet ?

Gaining 5lbs in one day would be equal to you eating an extra 17500 calories which I don't think is even possible. Either your scales are wrong or its water weight. Either way, just start again tom... Read More »