Does anyone remember those little red tablets you got when you were little?

Answer Lol, i'm only 28 and I was thinking about the very same tablets yesterday....I doesn't matter though as I still need to go see the reaper of dentistry.

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Do anyone know Armani Miller from Wayne High School?

Yeah... ha that dude sat next to me in the science class

Has anyone ever killed someone while having a heat stroke?

Hi NickI wouldn't think one that is suffering from a heat stroke would intentionally kill another human. I personally think the person would be too disorientated to be able to accomplish murdering ... Read More »

Who remembers watching a tv show about mice it started with a older mouse reading a story and then zooming into a little door where little mice would be does anyone know what it's called?

Does anyone know the ages and health conditions of the Mexicans killed by Swine Flu?

Regular flu kills 36,000 people a year in the United States and estimated 375,000 worldwide, About 90 percent of those deaths are among people older than 65 who already have health problems and cau... Read More »