How to Repair Concrete That Has Been Rained On?

Answer As concrete dries, one of the worst things that can happen is for rain to start falling. In addition to causing pits in the surface of the concrete when the raindrops hit it, rain falling on uncure... Read More »

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When is the last time it rained where you live?

About three months ago!!!!!!! By the way I'm in Texas!!!!!!!! Last month it reached 114 degrees F

Help My Digital Camera Got Rained On What Do I Do?

More Info >> I left it on my bed in my purse with the window open, and I left to go shopping and while I was out there was a torrential Downpour and it rained sideways INTO my room, and it rained o... Read More »

Will my digital camera be ok if it was rained on?

How do I dry my vidio camera, it got rained on, what do I do?

rice is good put it in a bag of large kernel rice for a week to a month Keep it in a room temperature place, do not put it in the sun or try to heat it.